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cPanel Hosting

The power of Hosting Control Panel (cPanel):

In today’s world of information technology, computer and internet is demonstrating in every aspect of our life. People intend to use computer and internet to facilitate themselves and their business also.

If somebody intends to enter into the world of web hosting, there are various web hosting plans to start with. A web host always looks to choose a hosting plan that will provide him maximum features, benefits and ease of use. Similarly there are various Control panels which are essential to control the web hosting activities. Selection of a good control panel allows managing the activities in a good manner.

cPanel web hosting plan is one of the most used web hosting plan in the world of web hosting through which clients can mange their websites, domains, sub domains, emails and database form a centralized location. If, we compare cPanel web hosting with other complex control panels it is user friendly. cPanel web hosting is a graphic application which has many good features like reading web mail,  to monitor the bandwidth usage, to monitor the addition of email accounts. You can also view the statistics of visitors. It is compatible for both windows and Linux operating systems.

There are three pillars of a website, the admin, the reseller and the visitors. cPanel can control each of these pillars depending on the level of access. While using cPanel hosting, you do not have to learn about various short keys and functions to perform various steps to host your web. cPanel offers many built in functions which cover all the possible usage related to web hosting. cPanel also offers backup and restores utilities which can be downloaded to your system or can also be received on an email address.

Fantastico is an add on used in cPanel hosting which also have various good features like installing any thing in seconds with just a click of the mouse. There are lots of different types of complicated functions related to web hosting that can be established using Fantastico easily.

In my opinion, cPanel web hosting is beneficial for those who are new to the business of web hosting and intends to host simple multiple domains. It is economical, and can be used easily by new comers without having technical knowledge about web hosting and various functions. But if somebody intends to host a website relating to e-commerce, then he should go for some other control panels for example Vdeck. It can be complicated but it can handle complicated tasks with ease.

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